#YNTK: “At All” x Seth Dyer feat. Juvon Taylor
Posted by on Jun 6, 2014


Emerging Canadian artist, Seth Dyer,
recently released the hauntingly reflective visual
for his new single, “At All”.

Upon the first few listens you may get stuck, even distracted by,
the hypnotic allure of the hook; “I need some sex, some weed, some alcohol”,
sung ceremoniously by his collaborator on the track, Juvon Taylor


Taylor’s silky vocals allow you to spend time indulging in the hook,
and then, seamlessly connect with what Dyer opens up about throughout his
verses of the song. Listen closely to both. You might be able to relate their words.


Be sure to share the song with anyone you know who could
use a new song to put on heavy rotation in their playlist.


Check out the video below…


visit SethDyer.com to find out more about this future star…


Troy Monaco

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