#YNTK EXCLUSIVE: Music’s Next Big Thing, K. Flay, Releases ‘Life As A Dog’
Posted by on Jun 18, 2014

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Is she Hip Hop?  Is she Pop? Is she Indie Pop? Is she Indie Hip Hop?

It really doesn’t matter when your music’s next big thing.
The San Francisco artist, K. Flayhas a sound that is so  unique
that it would be unfair to assign her to  just one genre.

She’s known for being a bad ass,
but what makes her even more raw is the fact that she’s educated.
Homegirl double majored in psychology and sociology at Stanford University.

Being the true boss that she is, K. Flay is self releasing her
upcoming album, ‘Life As A Dog‘, on June 24. From beginning to end,
K. Flay takes her listeners on a musical journey, putting them in a trance
with profound lyrics paired with intoxicating rhythms and beats.

A personal favorite of mine is  the track titled,
“Wishing It Was You”.  Who hasn’t found themselves sucking on a
bottle of Jim Beam wishing it was their boo instead? I know I have and if you live in San
Francisco like I do, you probably find yourself doing this in the  Mission from time to time.

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I got an exclusive listen to ‘Life As A Dog‘ [Thanks K. Flay!],
But your’e in luck because you can now stream the full album
before it drops on June 24 on Pandora Premieres here…

Want more?
You can Pre-order ‘Life As A Dog‘ on iTunes here…

Still not enough?
Catch K. Flay on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.



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