Viola Nicholson Presents Merrell Hollis Master Class of Beauty
Posted by on Mar 18, 2014

Spring Event Of The Season!

Viola Nicholson
presents Master Class of
Beauty with celebrity beauty expert
and Black Opal Artistic Director Merrell Hollis.

Merrell Hollis
has anchored himself as
reputable force in the industry.
He is the grooming consultant
and make up person for all the artists at
Sean Combs Bad Boy Entertainment.
He is also responsible for the many faces of
our beloved queen of Media Wendy Williams.
Both these innovators have allowed their faces
to be canvassed by this young visionary who delivers
them to the public with elegance and sincerity.

The event will take place April 5th, 2014
from 2-4pm in Chicago at The Godfrey Hotel.
You can purchase tickets here…

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