Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Williams & Kordell Stewart Have Finalized Their Divorce
Posted by on Dec 5, 2013


via Us Weekly:

Porsha Williams has officially dropped the “wife” part of “Real Housewife.” A little more than eight months after her husband, Kordell Stewart, filed for divorce, the former couple have finalized their split. Stewart’s lawyer, Shiel Edlin, told TMZ the athlete is “very disappointed” that his two-and-a-half-year union fell apart, because he expected to be “married for life.” Edlin also slammed Williams for allegedly spreading rumors about the former Pittsburgh Steelers star on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. ”For reasons we cannot understand, [Porsha] displayed a reckless abandonment of anything close to the truth over the last eight months. We are hopeful that Porsha will stop villifying Kordell at every opportunity.”


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