VIDEO: ‘The Read’ Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 105.1
Posted by on Nov 20, 2013

(the read x the breakfast club)


Listen, if you don’t listen to “The Read” podcast you are seriously late.  The hosts, Kid Fury and Crissle, are hilarious and unapologetic. Every week they cover the latest in pop culture, answer listeners questions and sometimes they even have celebrity guest appear on the show.  I love listening when I’m at the gym, it helps me stay on the treadmill just a little bit longer.

On Monday Kid Fury and Crissle were guests on ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 106.1. The two were asked about their show, their opinions about Ciara and Future [yawn], and what they think about the reality shit show ‘Love & Hip Hop’.

Check out their interview below and listen to past and current shows of ‘The Read’ here…



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