HBO To Explore Black Hollywood With Docu-Style Comedy From Director Salim Akil
Posted by on Nov 12, 2013



via Deadline:

HBO has teamed with film and TV director and showrunner Salim Akil for Mr. Director, a single-camera comedy project Akil is set to write, produce and direct. Mr. Director, now in development, is envisioned as being in the vein of Larry David’s documentary-style HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm but with the backdrop of Black Hollywood. Like David, Akil will play a version of himself in Mr. Director, which will explore the life and times of Salim in the business and highlights the outrageous, circuitous path taken to become one of Hollywood’s Top 50 showrunner/directors.”

How exciting is this to hear! Despite the “lack of color” conversation we’ve been having about SNL in these past weeks, it’s refreshing to see Salim Akil get his own show on HBO. I imagine this show will further expose the current issues and obstacles in ‘Black Hollywood’, in a humorous way of course.


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