Kat Von D For Latina Magazine [Nov 2013]
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Kat Von D is the hottest tattoo artist in Hollywood. She is also a reality star who has dated a handful of high profile men. In the November issue of  Latina, Kat Von D talks about her future and past relationships.


Peep some highlights from her interview:

On her father: “I would teach [my dad] to play Guns ‘N Roses or the Misfits on his accordion, and he would play along while I played the guitar and sang.”

On future plans: “I want to make furniture. I want to complete the album, go on tour. I have a documentary that I’ve been filming secretly for three and a half years. Maybe write another book. Tons of things. I’ve really gotten into entomology – I bought a lot of butterflies and I’m learning how to pin them and make lampshades, like, Victorian era. If I were to write a to-do list, it would fill the entire wall.”

On her past failed relationships: “I get a bad rep for being constantly in and out of relationships, when in reality you look at my timeline it’s not really the case. I’m very good at being aware of my weaknesses, [but] what I’m not good at oftentimes tends to land in the romance department. I’m not angry at [ex-fiance] Joel [Zimmerman]. I’m not angry at [ex-fiance] Jesse [James]. I’m not angry at Nikki [Sixx]. I’m just angry at myself for wasting my time, because I could have finished my record.”


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