Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant For “Flaunt” Magazine
Posted by on Oct 30, 2013


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant
went crazy on the sidelines during his game on Sunday
against the Detroit Lions. However, it looks like the football star
calmed down enough for a hot photoshoot for Flaunt magazine.

The 6’2″, 220 pound hunk flexed his modeling
muscles [as well as his abs] for the fashion spread.

 photo tumblr_mveohm1wHL1qasnrqo1_500.jpg

 photo Flaunt_Dez_Bryant_10621-682x1024.jpg

 photo Flaunt_Dez_Bryant_09971-763x1024.jpg

 photo Flaunt_Dez_Bryant_09811-682x1024.jpg

 photo Flaunt_Dez_Bryant_08821-1024x682.jpg

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