YNTK Chat: ‘The Doctors’ Dr. Lisa Masterson Discusses Her Shoes Designed For Women, ‘Therafit By Dr. Lisa’
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 Therafit By Dr. Lisa was developed by Emmy®-nominated, Dr. Lisa Masterson, co-host of the award-winning talk show, The Doctors.  The athletic shoe is designed specifically for women to give you comfort and cushioning for a full 12 hours.  Accredited by the National Posture Institute, Therafit by Dr. Lisa feature a unique adjustable outsole so you can customize the amount of resistance your feet receive throughout the day.  In addition to providing the highest quality of shoe technology, Therafit By Dr. Lisa are also exceptionally stylish.  The shoes are available in pink, red, black/pink, silver/blue, black/white, black, and white.

I was able to speak with  Dr. Lisa about Therafit, women’s health, and her exercise tips.
Check out the interview below.

EverythingYNTK: What inspired you to design an athletic shoe for women?
Dr. Lisa: Working in the medical industry you are on your feet a lot, sometimes up to 12 hours.  At the end of the day you feel like you ran a marathon.  Having the proper support on your feet is crucial.  Without that, you will experience foot, leg, hip and back ache.  Creating a comfortable athletic shoe made the most sense.  Therafit By Dr. Lisa was designed for work and working out.

What activities do you do while wearing Therafit?
You can do everything in these shoes!  From work to play from running to Therafit By Dr. Lisa gives you the support you need and the comfort you want while you’re doing any activity.

How does this shoe differ from anything on the market right now?
Therafit By Dr. Lisa is designed for maximum shock absorption with a special out sole ideal for women who are on their feet a lot. There is also adjustable cushioning in the sole for maximum comfort.  You won’t believe these shoes!

Are these shoes best for working out or more as a casual, everyday shoe?
TheraFit By Dr. Lisa is correct footwear for the woman on the go. I don’t care if you are working or working out, with these shoes you will have the support you need to get through whatever you are doing.

How important was style when it came to designing this shoe?
Style is everything to me.  Like I said, Therafit By Dr. Lisa was designed for women.  As a woman, I know I want to feel beautiful.  We chose colors that are fun and feminine to compliment today’s active-wear trends.

What are the health benefits to wearing a well-structured athletic shoe such as Therafit?
Correct posture is essential to a woman’s health.  Brining balance and comfort to everything you do.  Correct footwear will also help prevent pain in the legs, hips and back.

What are some easy ways that women, who are not usually active, exercising?
The first thing I suggest is to start walking.  Get outside and move at your pace.  Work with your doctor to make sure that don’t overdo it, but start with walking and then introduce hand weights or resistance bands as you progress.

How many hours of exercise do you suggest women get every week?
The CDC suggests that adults get 150 minutes of exercise a week and I feel that this is a realistic goal.  Try breaking that up into 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Be sure to alternate between strength training and cardio.  For more information you can go to: http://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/everyone/guidelines/adults.html

What do you say to women who use the excuse “I’m too busy to exercise”?
I always ask my patients to look at all the things that they do make time for.  From watching TV to sitting in the car we can waste a good portion of the day.  I suggest you work with your doctor or a fitness instructor to come up with a realistic plan and stick to it.  I also suggest exercising with a friend.  If you make it fun, you’re more likely to keep doing it.

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