Solange Knowles & Musical Collaborator Dev Hynes Featured In ‘V’ Magazine
Posted by on Feb 28, 2013

Musical collaborators and soul mates Solange Knowles and Dev Hynes bring their chemistry to ‘V’ Magazine.  In the feature the two are interviewed about their special musical bond.

Dev on how they met: “We met a few years ago. I was producing Theophilus London and she came in to record.”

Solange on how they met: “I remember hearing the track, and the music evolved so effortlessly. The chemistry was extremely magical, and I think whenever you fill that energy and space, there is something so magnetic about it.”

Dev on how he started working with the singer: “We were in Santa Barbara with our buddies, and then she just asked me to do the whole record with her. I think it’s quite a chance she took. I trust her,” Dev says, simply. “So, yeah, it works! It’s always really, really smooth.”

Solange on collaborations: “Collaborating is extremely difficult. It can leave you in such a vulnerable place to actually open up and share these ideas. You can feel so extremely terrified, and embarrassed almost. Everything is very seamless, and we’ve never encountered any negative emotions—so it’s been really awesome.”

Also, check out Solange’s performance of “Don’t Let Me Down” on the Late Show with David Letterman


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