Inside John Legend & Fiance Chrissy Teigen’s Hollywood Hills Home
Posted by on Feb 6, 2013

Singer/songwriter John Legend and his fiance Chrissy Teigen gave Architectural Digest an exclusive look inside their new Hollywood Hills home. The home was built in the 1960s and with the help of interior designer Don Stewart, who was refereed by his other client Kanye West, they were able to capture their fantasy of indoor-outdoor living.

“The first time we saw the house we were really inspired by the overall vibe,” Stewart recalls. “I told John and Chrissy that it reminded me of a Thai temple. That Asian influence was something they responded to, especially since she is half Thai.”

“Our style is chic and tailored but also earthy and casual,” Legend says. “Since this is our first home in Los Angeles, we wanted it to feel right not only for us but also for this city.”

This issue of Architectural Digest will hit newsstands Feb. 12



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