YNTK Chat: Anthony Q Talks Moving Forward With His New Record Deal, Releasing New Music, Evolving As An Artist
Posted by on Nov 13, 2012

Qwanell “Anthony Q” Mosley, formerly of the group Day26 and the hit MTV series Making The Band is ready to show the music world that he is more than a one hit wonder. The smooth, R&B singer has been hard at work creating new music , signing a new record deal and scoring a new management team. His current single “Money Bags”  is now available on iTunes and you can request the track at your local radio station.
YNTK was able to chat with Anthony Q about all of his new ventures and more.

People know you best from MTV’s Making The Band and then of course Day 26. How have you changed or grown since those days as an artist?
My sound has evolved and creatively I’ve evolved. I went from Gospel to R&B so my sound has defiantly changed. But it has changed for the better. 

 In the past you had a very public relationship with singer Dawn Richard and when you broke up it was an even bigger topic of discussion for the public. What are your feelings on dating someone in the industry now and would you do it again?
I don’t answer questions about D. I’m just really focused on my career , which is going great.

 Recently you signed a  new deal with Twenty-Two Recordings/Capitol Records and you also have new management through Sky’s The Limit Entertainment. What does this fresh start mean for you?
New beginnings and a new start. I’m really excited about what’s to come. I’m in the studio doing a lot of writing and working really hard on this new album. I’m trying to take my music and R&B to a new level.
 Your current single “Money Bags” is a song tailored for the club. But you are also known for singing and writing these beautiful ballads. How important is it for you to be a well rounded artist?
It’s very imported to be well round as an artist but also open minded. Open to different sounds , it just makes me better as an artist.

Your album is coming out in 2013. Do you have any plans to go on tour?
I currently perform a lot in Atlanta right now.  Overall it’s all a process and I’m in no rush. It’s about building my brand slowly. However I will always perform where I can.

 Besides music you are also on the fashion scene with a bracelet line and you are  face of Threadz Clothing Boutique. Have you found a passion for fashion in addition to music?
Yes!  So, I teamed up with Suravat Embellishments for the Bracelet line and proceeds from those sales go to a really good cause. I’m very passionate about giving back and heavily involved with the community. This is just another way I can contribute to a great cause.  Threadz Clothing Boutique is located in Atlanta and I love their clothes everyone should check it out.


We hear all the time about the “Diddy Curse”, but for someone who was actually on Bad Boy Records, do you believe in it or are those just people that don’t understand the business?
Look I respect Diddy, without him I wouldn’t have a career. I don’t revisit my time on Making the Band or Day 26 as a negative thing. 

Finally, what from your own experiences what advice do you have for other aspiring singers trying to tap into this industry?
Make your dreams come alive! Be creative and and make great art. Once you decide what you want to to do, figure out how to do it.


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