The Ladies of ‘The View’ Weigh In On Chris Brown’s Latest Twitter Rant; Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Chris Brown Rant as “Verbal Rape”, Calls For Lifetime Twitter Ban
Posted by on Nov 27, 2012

Chris Brown recently traded insults with a twitter troll named Jenny Johnson over the weekend then deleted his account after the idiot realized he was being an idiot arguing with another idiot on Twitter.

Of course no celebrity controversy is complete without the thoughts, feelings, and opinions and ladies of  ’The View’. While Whoppie Goldberg blamed Jenny Johnson for the exchange, Elisabeth Hasselbeck went in on Chris Brown calling his actions a form of  ”verbal rape” and since Breezy often finds himself in war of words with people on Twitter he should be banned for life from the social networking site.

Check out the full debate below.



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