Keyshia Cole Channels The Way It Is in Latest Single: Trust and Believe [VIDEO]
Posted by on Nov 10, 2012

There are few comforts as consoling to a woman reeling from heartbreak as a pint of delicious ice cream, romantic comedies and soul albums about heartbreak, depression and eventual triumph. Keyshia Cole’s 2005 debut, The Way It Is, channeled all three of those phases into a tracklist of 12 soulful ballads. Even the songs (“I Changed My Mind,”I (Just Want It To Be) Over,” etc.) backed by upbeat production from Kanye West and other super-producers were riddled with heartfelt lyrics that touched women – and healed them.

Millennial women born in the 1980s and raised in the 1990s, belted Keyshia’s words and quickly crowned her as the future of hip-hop soul. The Oakland, California native’s sophomore effort, Just Like You continued her reign, when it became a staple in many ladies’ catalogue. But after years of pursuing a fleeting happiness, Cole added Gibson to her surname, had a gorgeous son … and seemed lose the core characteristics that made her relatable in the eager beginnings of her career. Like the queen, Mary J. Blige, Cole no longer felt obligated to the heartbreak of her audience. Once she found love and the cheerfulness that had eluded her for so long, she threw her baggage into the atmosphere and proclaimed it from the peak of the music mountain. Her sales suffered as a result and now, Cole is poised to return to the deepest depths of her pain – at least in her music.

In her latest video, “Trust and Believe,” from her forthcoming album, Woman to Woman, Cole analyzes the pain caused by double-betrayal from her best friend and lover. In it, we see remnants of 2005’s passionate Keyshia. “Trust and Believe” will persuade her ephemeral fans to lower the volume on K.Michelle’s Zero F***s Given and at least allot her new music space in their iPods.

Check out the video for “Trust and Believe” below.

Do you think Keyshia Cole’s music can rebound?


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