Jay-Z Helps Rihanna Close Out Her ’777′ Tour In NYC
Posted by on Nov 21, 2012


The ‘777‘ Tour has came to an end at the delight of many people aboard the ‘Rihanna Plane‘ and I’m sure to the delight of Rihanna herself.  With the final stop on the tour being  in New York City last night, Rihanna was paid a special visit by her boss Jay-Z.

As for the tour being a success, well that’s still up for debate.  Rihanna claimed to have a soar throat through the whole tour effecting her singing voice. In addition  Many horror stories were told from the 150 journalist aboard the ‘Rihanna Plane’ and on top of that the tour has amassed more than $200,000 in fines after Rihanna consistently took to the stage later than planned.

Everyone involved with the ‘777‘ tour can certainly say they came, they say….they conquered.

Check out photos from the last show of the ‘777‘ tour.


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