YNTK Chat: “Bandz A Make Her Dance” Video Director Mahad Dar Talks New Reality Show With Meagan Good & Releasing the ‘iCellWatch’ With Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace
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Mahad Dar has his hands in about everything these days and if you aren’t familiar with his name, you certainly know his work.  Most recently, Dar directed the break out club hit  ”Bandz A Make Her Dance” feauting Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. He has also worked with other big hip-hop names such as Master PMindless BehaviorMasspike MilesWiz KhalifaAce Hood and the list goes on and on.  As a young entrepreneur, Dar is involved with more than just music videos. He and Los Angeles Lakers star Metta World Peace [aka Ron Artest] are working to bring us an innovative product called the ‘iCellWatch’.  In addition, another exciting project he has in the works is a reality show with actress Meagan Good.

I caught up with Mahad Dar and he gave me the inside scoop on all of this and more.


1. Let’s start a the beginning. How did you first get involved in producing and when was your big break?

My big break was about 2 years ago when I put out the first episode of my show Chillin with Mahad” featuring Yo Gotti. We were shooting a music video for him, then ended up filming the first episode of my show with him about his jewelry . When the episode was released it got about 5 million views, and from there everyone just starting paying attention to what I was doing with my show and what music video I was producing next. as time went on and I released more episode and more music videos everyone started contacting me to do some work with them.

2. When did you first fall in love with Hip-Hop?

I fell in love with hip hop when I was a young kid. It was weird because I basically grew up in a community where most of the kids listened to rock and pop music and I was the only kid really listening to hip hop.  I remember being a little kid and being fascinated with the whole culture.

3. You and your production company, Creative Dream Productions, produced Juicy J’s video for his hit song “Bandz A Make Her Dance” feauting Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. The video has become just as popular as the song itself. Are there any plans to put out an uncut version or an extended version?

We were thinking about coming out with an un-cut version but we decided not too because the original video became as big as the song is! And the reason why the video was so clean is because it had to be appropriate for T.V.

4. As someone who produces music video, where do you see the culture of music videos headed? Are they as influential today as they were say in the 80′s or 90′s?

Well I’m 24 years old so i cant really tell you the difference between how the game was 10 years ago since I was never in it but I personally think now days its over saturated with everyone thinking they can pick up a camera and become a director or video producer. It’s not like the early days where there were only a very top select few of music video producers around. But I do think that it will get back to those days, and I will definitely be one of those select few video producers! There also has been a big change in the artist video budget, I was talking to Master P and he was telling me how he used to spend a million dollars on one video back in the day but you will probably never see that happen today. There has been a huge drop in artist budgets.

5. You are not only a producer, but an overall business man. You are currently Vice President of Los Angeles Laker  Metta World Peace‘s [aka Ron Artest] media group, “Artest Media Group” [AMG]. We understand that you and Ron are working on the relaunch of his cellphone watch company ‘iCellwatch”. Explain to us what we can expect from that product and when the U.S. release date will be. 

 Well Ron and I have been friends for a couple years now and when he saw the iCellWatch he fell in love with it so we decided to have him present it to the world. I believe that my product iCellwatch is going to be really big especially with Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace being involved with the watch. It will be released next month on www.iCellWatch.com. With a product like this it will end up changing the way people operate  It’s something you will see on kids, and adults. It’s a product for everybody! 

I think the way I became the VP of Rons company “Artest Media Group” was that he was impressed with my work ethic and success in my production company “Creative Dream Productions” and my show and decided to bring me on board to help build his empire.

6.  Another exciting project we heard you are working on is a reality show with actress Meagan Good. What is the basis for the show and when can we see the first episode?

 The project I am executive producing with Meagan Good is going to be really big, It’s a reality show focusing on her family life and also gives you a new look at how she manages her little sister who is a singer.  You’re gonna have to watch it to learn more about it. A lot of networks are showing interest and giving offers to pick it up but we can’t put a release date on it yet.

7. What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into the industry?

For anyone that wants to get in this industry they definitely need to do their research first because it’s not easy and you need to make sure this is something you really want to do. The main thing is that you have to be consistent in whatever you want to do.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 In ten years I definitely see my self being one of the top production company’s and top producers continueing to Produce TV Shows, Movies, Commercials & Music Videos. Have my film studio  All Studio LA be a bigger studio, iCellWatch be a top company that provides you cell phone watches, continue to be the VP of Artest Media Group and having a successful show on T.V. for my self and overall being a successful businessman. Basically, what I’m doing right now is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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