“A Conversation With”: Singer Garrian “Steph” Jones Reveals “I Was Living Out Of My Car”, Talks About His Relationship With Jordin Sparks, And How A Lifestyle Change – And “Herbalife” – Saved His Life…
Posted by on Sep 10, 2012

Steph Garrain JonesA New Herbalife:
I went from 197 pounds, 16.4% body fat, working out 3 times a day, being lactose  intolerant, skin discolorations, having crazy allergies to now 6.1% body fat, I work out twice a week, I lost 25 pounds in my first 2 months and then i put on 13.5 pounds of lean muscle. Lactose, allergies and skin discolorations went away. I don’t worry about the naysayers, I worry about the people who are actively seeking a better and healthy living.

My main focus is not about the marketing plan. My main focus is you come to me because you want help and I want to help you. It’s bigger than nutrition; its about the person you become along the way. When they was asked what I wanna be when I grow up I said I wanted to be a superhero, so when I came into this my body became superhero like and then it hit me, I’m a superhero! I’m traveling the world and I get to help people one person at a time. It’s like I manifested this in my life since I was a kid. I am now an HerbaHero (laughs).

On himself as an artist today:
I did not quit music. I will write and sing in the comforts of my own home until I can build financial freedom where I can do it my way and I don’t have to conform to anybody else’s ideas. When I come back, I‘ll come back on my own terms. Now I have a place to live and I don’t have to sleep in my jeep anymore. I have financial freedom now and that represents fulfillment and happiness. People don’t realize this is what i’ve always wanted to do; help people and change lives.

On why he’s chosen to be so honest:
I spoke up because you never know what people are going through on the inside and I didn’t want for someone whose going through what I went through to feel like they have no options. Change your mindset, change your life.

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Garrain offers VIXEN’s and #knowitalls some encouragement, and advice, that he’s learned over the years… [watch video below]:

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