“A Conversation With”: Singer Garrian “Steph” Jones Reveals “I Was Living Out Of My Car”, Talks About His Relationship With Jordin Sparks, And How A Lifestyle Change – And “Herbalife” – Saved His Life…
Posted by on Sep 10, 2012

Steph Garrain Jones & Jordin SparksHow girlfriend at the time Jordin Sparks didn’t even know:
“We didn’t live in the same state. I mean, my mom didn’t even know. If my mom didn’t know and she knows everything, I could hide it from anybody.”

Two and half years living out of his Jeep:
I put on an extra 30 pounds. I was 165 [pounds] my whole life and I got up to almost 200 pounds. I would be crying in my Jeep asking God why is this happening to me when I have so much to offer the world.

Leap of faith:
August 15th, 2011 at 3:47 am, I was at the post office outside of my PO box. I spoke to God like I’ve never spoken to him. Tears ran out of my body to where my body was cold and I said I had had enough. I wanna be around nothing but positive people but the industry is not a positive environment. There are positive people in it, but it’s a very cold place. A lot of my friends who are platinum selling artists hate their livesI wanna be healthy and wanna make money, but I want the money to represent something that I believe in. Everything I asked for made its way into my life a week and a half later.”

Jones was working out at the Santa Monica stairs where he met a health coach who invited him to a beach workout with 475 other people. Skeptical, when he heard the name Herbalife, Jones was not entirely receptive to the pitch.  After attending the beach workout and learning more about the company purpose and vision he fell in love with the people.

“A flashback of two weeks prior had come back and I was like… wait a sec. This is what I asked for and its happening! I wanted every dollar that I make to come from something I believe in. You mean I can make money with Herbalife, get healthy and be around a bunch of positive people? This is literally every single thing that I asked for.”  Jones went on to add that, a week and a half later, his clothes were falling off from health results. After documenting his journey on Facebook, people naturally saw a change in Jones and wanted to know his secret.

His secret:
Most people think that they have to work out to be in the best shape. It’s actually 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. If you fuel your body with what it needs, then it’s gonna respond how it’s supposed to respond. People go to the gym not knowing anything about nutrition and have a protein shake after, but your body needs way more than that. That’s like driving a car with koolaid in the gas tank. So, your actually doing more damage to your body in the long run than if you just sat on the couch and did nothing. The nutrition plan is designed to help you meet your protein requirement, help you hit your RDA (recommended daily allowance of calories) and help you stay under your caloric ceiling. If you’re trying to lean up, you stay under your caloric ceiling and if you’re trying to gain weight, you go over. All this stuff I had no clue until I came to the nutrition club and they taught me.

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