“A Conversation With”: Singer Garrian “Steph” Jones Reveals “I Was Living Out Of My Car”, Talks About His Relationship With Jordin Sparks, And How A Lifestyle Change – And “Herbalife” – Saved His Life…
Posted by on Sep 10, 2012


“I’m on E News, budding star in magazines and blogs, had a song that was number 5 in the UK but they had no idea what I was going through. I was afraid of telling people because of what they might think.”

Steph Jones is in a great place in his life right now. He’s happy, healthy and most importantly he’s doing what he’s always wanted to do via global nutrition company Herbalife. He’s transforming lives daily as a health coach at his club in Culver City called “Active Nutrition,” and now goes by his first name, Garrain. His name change represents his truest self; a person that he found himself astray from through the harsh reality and pseudo world of the entertainment industry.

Steph Garrain Jones“When I moved to LA, I became Steph Jones. I didn’t understand the concept of uniqueness and individuality. I didn’t allow that part of me to grow up. When I actively changed my name everything in my life changed in a constant magnetic flow of greatness,” said Garrain. He said he was inspired to go back to his birth name after he took a personal developement class called “The Next Level” with Monika Zands.

Garrain has currently found fulfillment by educating and helping others get healthy but it was just a few years ago that Steph found his own health and life in jeopardy. After getting out of a half a million dollar record deal with Ludacris’ DTP label, due to creative differences, Steph eventually found himself in financial strain.

“I was happy being on the blogs and all, but the whole time I wasn’t making money and people thought I was making money.”

On living out of his car:
“I was living from check to check. Sometimes, my phone had to get cut off . Sometimes, I had to decide between putting gas in my car or food in my mouth.Years passed and I would make money here and there, but just enough to get by. Eventually, the bills were piling up and I had no money coming in. The lease was up on my apartment, so I started staying at different friends’ houses. Then I felt like I was wearing out my welcome. Then I was like, I got my car.”

Perception vs Reality:
“I was so numb with emotions I would just figure it out. Somedays I went without eating and somedays I would just cry myself to sleep in my jeep. Nobody knew that cause I had so much pride that i was willing to play the game of what people thought I was on the blogs. The more I felt separated from who I really was the more I was dying mentally. It was so hard to bounce back because I was so laser focused on music and me being talented  in so many areas of my life that I didn’t even fathom the idea of entertaining anything else.

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