Memphitz Sues Producers Of ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’
Posted by on Sep 4, 2012

Memphitz, ex-boyfriend of singer K. Michelle and current husband to Toya Wright, has filed a lawsuit against VH1‘s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta“. The main storyline of  K. Michelle this season has been her past struggle with domestic violence with her ex Memphitz. On numerous occasion K. Michelle was filmed telling various cast members her story of abuse and how horrific her past relationship was.  Memphitz  has denied that any physical abuse even took place while they were together.  Even though she didn’t mention him by name on the show, she definitely didn’t have a problem openly saying Memphitz’s name in interviews and on Twitter.

Now that the season has officially wrapped, Memphitz has decided to take legal action and has filed a lawsuit against Viacom International; NFGTC, Inc.; and Mona’s Monami Entertainment. He’s claiming that K. Michelle’s accusations of domestic violence are complete lies and the show gave her a “worldwide platform” for her to “assassinate [his] character”

Memphitz is asking for $1 per viewer per show as damages which adds  up to about $3 million per episode.


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