Ashanti Trades Music for Journalism?
Posted by on Sep 6, 2012

We’ve lost hope that Ashanti will resurge as the musical force she was during the Murder, Inc. reign. Yes she’s releasing “Braveheart,” but the likelihood of her putting up “Chapter II” numbers? Slim to none.

But Ashanti hasn’t lost hope that she can survive the tumultuous business; instead of wallowing in her failures, she’s decided to diversify her entertainment portfolio.

Yesterday, the former self-proclaimed Princess of Hip-Hop Soul announced that she is executive producing and hosting Fuse TV’s “Fuse News.” Forget my $100,000 degree. I need to be a singer, comedian, or NFL player to land a broadcast gig. Let me move past that bitterness and digress.

Ashanti will be costarring with Alexa Chung, Elaine Moran and Jack Osbourne to bring the latest pop culture and music deets to the world. “Fuse News” will be run for 30 minutes Monday through Friday and hopefully, we’ll see Jack Osbourne healthy and invigorated!

Do you think Ashanti should trade in her leotards for business suits?

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