Vixen Chat: Model Eva Marcille Designing A Collection For African Clothing Brand Koshie O.
Posted by on Jul 3, 2012

Model Eva Marcille or you may know her as, Eva “The Diva“, has been one of the few America’s Next Top Model winners that has been able to stay in the spotlight and on top of her game.  She has showed us her acting chops on numerous television shows, she is the host of Oxygen‘s hit competition reality show “Hair Battle Spectacular” and in September she will be premiering her own new reality show called “Girlfriend Confidential“, which will also be on Oxygen.  Another exciting venture Eva is embarking on  is designing her own fashion collection with the African brand Koshie O.  She will be collaborating with Koshie O.  for their “The Koshie O. Woman” campaign which is an initiative using female celebrities to celebrate strong, confident and bold women who are able to juggle various day-to day tasks while staying fashionable and stylish. Nina Baksmaty, founder of  Koshie O. , says,”Eva is so beautiful, she is the kind of woman all women want to be and we know every woman will want to be in the Koshie O. pieces she designs. We are very excited!!”

I got the chance to ask Eva all about her upcoming project with Kosie O. and also received tips on how to rock a great print.

You are going from model to designer. How does it feel to be in this role?

Amazing!  It’s like being a producer to be able to create what it is I wear. It’s a true expression of myself, so it feels absolutely amazing.

When designing your collection what kind of women do you envision wearing your pieces?

I envision the ‘Today Woman’, which is very different. She is influenced by everything from old fashion, Hollywood glam down to your at home comfortable look. So I design for the ‘Today Woman’ which is very fashion forward, however comfortable.

Koshie O uses great prints in their designs. What advice can you give women that are unsure about how to wear bold prints themselves?

I would say take a risk! Fashion is all about taking a risk and the beauty of it is that you can wear it today and if you didn’t enjoy it don’t wear it again. But the beauty of the patterns and the textile it gives you your flare for the day.  I would do a plain shirt and some amazing textile fabric as my pant or skirt or something like that.

While designing with Koshie O, are you discovering anything new about your own personal style?

I’m a lot more tailor and reserved than I know.  I so enjoy a lot Koshie O.’s funky flare, but still with the integrity of a good tailor and a good seamstress.

What is an Eva Marcille staple? 

An Eva Marcille staple would have to be a pair of high wasted, bolero pants. I know that doesn’t sound like a regular staple, but that is a pair of pants that is extremely comfortable and extremely fashion forward and that’s basically who I am in fashion

What is an item you think every women should have in her closet?

Bomber jacket…some leather coat. Some way, somehow you need some leather coat in your closet at any age.  It doesn’t matter where you live in L.A., in New York or Alaska you need some type of leather coat…it changes your life.

Finally, what advice would you give other women when it comes their own self image and finding their own style?

I would say enjoy the journey, don’t be afraid to explore. Try colors, try things you haven’t tried to before. Don’t be afraid to look in the magazines and see something that’s not “you” and try to figure out how to make it “you”. The journey of that discovery is the funnest part.

This will be the first collection of Koshie O. where customized Koshie O. prints will be used on the fabricsThe line will be available for purchase in spring 2013. However, sample pieces will be available for shoppers starting in July.

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