Rihanna Sues Ex-Accountants
Posted by on Jul 5, 2012

Forget men brawling in the club; Rihanna has more pressing matters to attend to – like suing her former accountants for tens of millions of dollars in losses.

The Associated Press is reporting that Rihanna, government name Robyn Fenty, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan against Berdon LLP and two of their accountants. She is alleging that “the defendants drained tens of millions of dollars from revenues while she launched four national and international tours over a five-year period,” according to the AP. In essence, the accountants were pocketing cash from the gross tour income as commission without telling her that the profit wasn’t covering the expenses.

The plot thickens.

The crooner’s attorneys are alleging that Berdon LLP, a firm that she acquired when she was 16, were pocketing 22 percent of 2009’s “Last Girl on Earth” tour while she was only bringing home 6 percent of the bacon. This, according to RiRi’s attorneys, presented a clear conflict of interest.

Though Rihanna fired the firm and her accountants in September 2010, an ongoing IRS audit of her tax returns is causing her to continue to lose funds due to their negligence according to the complaint filed in court.

A Berdon spokeswoman said the firm wasn’t issuing an immediate comment. We’ll see how this unfolds.

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