President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama Pucker Up For The “Kiss Cam”
Posted by on Jul 17, 2012

As if you already didn’t know, but President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are the cutest couple on the face of this Earth…yes they beat Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Recently, the President attended the  US Senior Men’s National Team and Brazil pre-Olympic exhibition basketball game in Washington D.C. with his wife and daughter Malia. During the game President Obama and his wife were hit with the “Kiss Cam”.  At first they were a bit shy and passed, but the arena was determined to get these two to smooch. The couple were put on the “Kiss Cam” again and President Obama leaned over and gave his First Lady a big kiss on the lips. The crowd went completely wild.

Check out President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama lock lips below.


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