Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran Call It Quits?
Posted by on Jul 19, 2012

Chris Brown is a controversial pop star. Unlike his idol, Michael Jackson, the Fortune crooner is often at the root of spiraling conflicts that detriment his reputation and the success of his career. His apparent breakup from girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, is no exception. As usual, the drama king couldn’t end his relationship with a few romantic comedies and chocolate chip cookie dough like a normal person. Instead, he deleted all photos of Karreuche from his Instagram and Twitter, in an attempt to erase her existence from his life it seems.

Using social media to share his message with million, Brown made it clear that either he’s no longer dating Tran or he’s taking the Jay-Z and Beyoncé route and keeping their precious memories private. Either way, it’s another unexpected drop on the Chris Brown emotional rollercoaster. Neither Brown nor Tran have confirmed their split or the reasons behind it, but Its Only Entertainment is speculating that Chris dumped Karreuche after he discovered that she’s communicating with Drake. Seeing as the two light-skinned foes engaged in battle at an NYC nightclub last month, if this unsubstantiated rumor is accurate, it would put all of the puzzle pieces together.

You know, after the Rihanna incident, Karreuche seemed like a nice balance for Chris’ outrageous behavior. She seemed to keep him focused on what’s important, making music and correcting his image. If their relationship has ended, at least Chris will always have a permanent reminder of the happier times in their affair. He tatted Karreuche’s face on his arm.

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    I hope this is TRUE because she is a leech and a parasite. Since she has been with him he has had more dramas like the phone snatching / bar brawl and unnecessary twitter rants . The only focus she has been on is having a good time on his expense

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