Wendy Williams Asks Romeo Miller If He’s Smushing Angela Simmons
Posted by on Jun 27, 2012


We have all seen pictures of Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons together all over L.A and everyone is wonder, “what’s going on with these two?”. They’re both attractive, young people who come from Hip-Hop royalty, so they seem like the perfect couple.  Wendy Williams who never shies away from the hard questions, had Romeo Miller as a guest on her show today and she got to the bottom of their situation…well kinda.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Wendy: Are you dating Angela Simmons?

Romeo: I’m single.

Wendy: Are you smushing Angela Simmons? We’ve seen you around on a few dates and the streets are talking.

Romeo: No habla English. No comprende.

All I can say is: “mmmmmmmhmmmmm”

See Wendy William‘s full interview with Romeo Miller:

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