Vixen Chat: Michelle Williams Dishes On Designing A Collection For African Clothing Brand Koshie O
Posted by on Jun 25, 2012
Michelle Williams has always been known for her beautiful voice. From Destiny’s Child to Broadway and through gospel music, Michelle has used her voice to inspire so many people. A veteran in the music industry, Michelle has decided to try another industry on for size, the fashion industry.  She will be designing new pieces for Koshie O as part of the African brand’s “The Koshie O. Woman” campaign which is an initiative using female celebrities to celebrate strong, confident and bold women who are able to juggle various day-to day tasks while staying fashionable and stylish.  Nina Baksmaty, founder and Creative director of Koshie O says Michelle Williams was chosen because she brings authenticity and knowledge to the brand.
Ms. Williams recently gave me the ‘tea’ on her exciting new project.  See what she had to say about her collection and about her own personal style.

What is it about Koshie O. that made you want to work with them?

I love how Koshio O has modern designs but still honors the African culture. I love African clothing. I love the fabrics, patterns and designs

What was your favorite part about designing your pieces in this collection?

I’m falling in love with every aspect. Getting the sketches, adding to it, taking away from. It’s a lot that goes into designing

As a designer what elements were important to have and maintain within your piece/pieces?

I wanted to make sure my pieces are something that a woman could wear everyday and she could dress it up for the evening.

After this collaboration do you see yourself pursing more ventures within the fashion industry?

I would love to pursue more ventures

As a singer you have traveled all over the world, how has that had an influence on your own personal style?

When you travel, you get to see other cultures and I’m blessed to be able to adopt some of those things in my personal style. I can’t WAIT to wear some of the Koshie O pieces. I got a shirt from Koshie O. I’m gonna wear it with some red skinny jeans!!! I’m gonna be cute [Laughs aloud]

What is a Michelle Williams staple?

My skinny jeans, probably a studded leather jacket and fabulous stilettos

What is an item that you feel every woman should have in her closet?

A woman should have a nicely tailored blazer to wear. I’m also a shoe queen so I’d say stock up on fabulous shoes. You don’t have to buy expensive ones either. There are some great inexpensive but great quality shoe lines like Jessica Simpson

Finally, what advice would you give other women when it comes to their own self image and finding their own style?

It’s YOUR style! Rock it and be fabulous. Maybe read a few magazine on how to pair and perfect a few pieces you may already have.

This will be the first collection of Koshie O. where customized Koshie O. prints will be used on the fabrics. The line will be available for purchase in spring 2013. However, sample pieces will be available for shoppers starting in July.

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