Shame Files – Kelly Price’s United Airlines Ordeal
Posted by on Jun 23, 2012

United Airlines might have a brewing Twitter war on the horizon. R&B crooner Kelly Price has filed a formal complaint against the airline after she claims that she was profiled and humiliated while boarding a flight to Mobile, Alabama.

Her trip started off on a sour note when Stefanie, an employee who was boarding passengers, insisted that Price move to the back of the premiere first class line. Rather than remaining silent, the popular singer roused up the Twitterverse with the series of tweets below.



Let’s hope her suggestions are considered and Price receives the first-class service she has earned.

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    [...] that she was less than enthused about while preparing to board on United Airlines. Specifically, Price complains about a woman named ‘Stephanie’ who she tweeted was the nastiest agent she ever came [...]

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