Angela Simmons Reveals Her Natural Hair
Posted by on Jun 13, 2012

Socialite and designer Angela Simmons has been known for rocking a long and luscious weave.  She does everything from workout to swim in the ocean with her hair weaved up. Angela is such a fan of weaves that she’s even teamed up with Indique Hair to release a line of  ”beachy” textured hair extensions called Bikini on June 21st. But even Angela sometimes has to let’s her hair down. The fashionista recently shared a photo of herself au naturel …no make-up, no fancy clothes and most importantly no weave!

Angela Simmons has crop ladies and gentlemen. I’d love to take a hot comb to it and see what it can really do.

Check out Angela’s natural hair below

Angela’s natural hair is gorgeous! 

“My All Natural Hair!”

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