Katy Perry’s Nail Artist Designs Line For Minx
Posted by on May 29, 2012


Katy Perry Kimmie Kyees Minx Nails

Katy Perry has defintley evolved into a pop fashion icon. Her funky look can be seen from the top of her head with her crazy hair colors to the tip of her nails with some pretty jazzy designs.  The creative women behind Katy Perry’s nail art is longtime manicurist Kimmi Kyees.  For awhile now, Kyees has been creating crazy patterns and designs for her superstar clients [Rihanna, Linsday Lohan, Avril Lavigne and Keri Hilson] for their big red carpet events and concerts.

Everyone has been lusting for Katy Perry’s jazzy nails, but now we will finally will be able to rock Kimmi Kyees nails design ourselves bescause she has hooked up with the nail wrap experts at Minx to create an eight-piece collection. Kyees told InStyle,  ”I wanted my collection to be colorful with lots of movement to give my nail designs a life of their own”. She has done excatly that with rainbow leopard print, paint-splatterd desgin to florescent stars, your nails will certainly make a statement. To get your hands on Kimmie Kyees’ collection, find a stylist near you to get them professionally applied.

Katy Perry Kimmie Kyees Minx Nails

Kimmie Kyees and her Minx Professional collection.


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