Are The Kardashians Invading Roc Nation?
Posted by on May 17, 2012

By now everyone has heard of this new phenomenon called “Kimye” . In other words, Rapper Kanye West has found a new girlfriend that’s even more of an attention hoe than he is, Kim Kardashian.  Kim and  Kanye have been spending a large amount of carefully planned and public quality time together. From attending Laker games to lunches in NYC , these two are some busy love birds.  However Kim isn’t the only Kardashian that has dipped into the Roc Nation pool. Kim’s little brother Robert Kardashian has also managed to land an artist by the name of Rita Ora. Rita is a British singer who is quickly becoming Jay-Z‘s next big pop star and who everyone is already calling the next Rihanna. Rita and Rob have kept their romance quiet for some time, but the two are slowly going public with their puppy love.  Rob has even gone as far to professed that not only does he love her, but that Rita is his wife on Twitter.

Seems like the Kardashians strike again! They have moved from the sports arena and are headed to invade the music industry, Roc Nation to be exact.  Soon Kim and Rob will also be throwing up their diamonds with pride.  Now, does this mean the Kardashians will be dining with the likes of Ms. Beyonce and Blue Ivy…highly doubt it. But it’s fun to watch them try to finagle their way into royalty [yes I said royalty].

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Rob Kardashian + Rita Ora in LA

Rob Kardashian Tweeted This Photo of Rita Ora With The Caption: "That's my baby!"

Kim, Rita, Rob + Friend Having Dinner In London




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