Five Small Things That Ladies Should Perfect For Themselves & Their Men
Posted by on Aug 3, 2011


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I believe all women should carry herself with class, beauty, and some level of character whenever they walk out of the house.  This being said, I myself am a victim of being too “natural” in the past.  I never have been known to wear makeup much at all in my life, yet now I am getting more into certain shades of lipgloss and lipsticks besides just nude.  I’ve even taken offense to someone telling me I should “act more my age” and get into cosmetics.  But, I can say that nowadays I am making some small changes, taking some chances, and stepping outside of the box when it comes to cosmetic beauty, and so far so good.

But besides cosmetics, there are a few common sense things that I can’t do without.  I believe all women should do these suggestions on hygiene and perception… not just me.  The list is pretty self explainatory.  Here are my ideas, love em or hate em, I’m going to share them now.  I’d like to hear your responses as well.  Here we go…

1. Keep your hair Maintained! However you choose to wear your hair, in whatever style…. keep it up and keep it looking good.  You knew before you got that “halle berry/nia long” cut that you would then have to keep up with your touch-ups and maybe see your beautician every two weeks or so.  If you cannot afford to stick with it, don’t choose such a style.  Well groomed hair will not only look more presentable, but what man wants to take a woman out who looks like a chia pet?  Make your boyfriend/husband proud.  Split ends, not combed, half-relaxed and half natural hair is just not cool.  If your transitioning as I have been through, I understand well it may be a bit more work to manage, but it is doable.  Even a simple ponytail can be made to look elegant.  Please keep your hair clean and looking good at all times, it doesn’t take much work to reach for that brush and comb.  It also irks me so much whenever I see a woman with her hair ‘laid’, but her children’s hair a hot mess.  If you have kids, keep them looking good and fresh as well!

2.  Keep yourself clean & smelling good! I should not have to say this but I will.  Wash yourself atleast twice a day.  Shower and bath regularly.  No man wants a woman who smells like a bucket of fish scales.  And then women wonder why men won’t go ‘there’ with them…. this is why.  It is just plain unsanitary, and is a practice of unhealthy hygiene for those  that have access to plenty of resources to keep clean choosing to keep a dirty body.  I am an addict of showers myself.  I take em twice a day and sometimes more.  You feel so much better when you’re clean.  Take advantage of scented lotions and bodywashes.  Here in America we are big on facetowels, but soft sponges have also widely also become more popular in the past years.    These scrubs work wonders and go hand in hand with bodywash. There are several specialty stores (for ex. Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works) that sale all types of scents that will have you smelling wonderful all day long, and your boo will love it as well.   And a hint, if you want to go a far cheaper route:  Johnson’s baby oil is the way to go!

3.  Keep your Nails Groomed! I have become a big fan of manicures within the last couple years, where as in the past I would just keep my nails trimmed and painted with a clear coat myself.  But, I absolutely love the french tip look and am now experimenting with different colors depending on my mood.  Either way, your nails (hands and feet) should stay trimmed, and they should definately stay clean, especially if you wear them long.  I have a habit of if possible, quitely looking at a person’s nails.  If they look dirty and unkept, then *poof*…there goes my appetite!!  And, as sexy as you think it is, it hurts to be scratched by jagged, sharp nails.  You can very easily leave welts or cause bleeding…. so, don’t do it to your man.  Just a question, but how would you feel if he did that to you?

4.  Learn How to Cook! This actually should have been higher on my list.  Everyone needs to learn how to cook.  Now, I’m not saying I think you should be ‘America’s Next Top Chef’, but you can learn the basics so that your not constantly eating out all the time, or warming up boxed dinners and passing it off as your own.  In the long run, you will save money in your pocket, and please your man’s palate at the same time. Also, it’s healthier for you as well.  I consider cooking a hobby, and I absolutely love to do it.  Infact, the kitchen is my favorite part of my whole condo.  Foodian is I’ve been called before plenty of times, because I love to cook and eat so much.

And lastly but not the least……5.  Act like a lady in public!

I really could care less what anyone decides to do behind closed doors, but out in public we as women should try to carry ourselves as civilized people.  I really don’t care for and find it embarrassing when I see women cursing and causing scenes like they have no sense at all.  It’s also very troubling for women to disrespect their man in public.  There is a time and place for everything.  Certain circumstances are understandable…. but if your man is just one who is down on his luck (ex. jobless) then there is no reason why you should air your dirty laundry for all of us to hear.  Yes, I said “your” because you two as a couple are a unit, and who is going home with him? It’s you…. not the rest of us.  So in essence you’re making the both of you look equally bad.

Nasty mouths anywhere but in the bedroom will not get you ahead as far as a job or opportunity is concerned.  You might frighten strangers who think you are hot tempered, or cause distance between people who don’t want to be around someone like you, and that is about it.  This is one mentality that we have to get over.  We do not have to curse people out, every chance we get.  It’s not funny, it’s quite rude and unladylike… atleast to me.

Okay, so there you have it, my list of things that women should perfect.  What do you think?  What would you add or take away… and why?

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    Very good tips,after 14 years of being with my husband half of the things listed went out the window lol.

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