What’s Marriage Got To Do With It?
Posted by on Jul 29, 2011

 What's Marriage Got To Do With It?

Catchy title, eh?

Well, after hearing of some disturbing gossip today, the point of this post is to ask, why do people even get married anymore?

Don’t get it twisted, I have never been married yet would love to one day. I’ve dreamed about it, thought about it, prayed about it.  I do believe in true love. I do believe that there is someone out there for everyone else, who can truly love a person unconditionally and never-ending. Yet, how many people do we have to go through to find them, and why do so many people waste their time on others that they know are not the best for them?

Far too often do I hear of people, strangers and those that I know, cheating on folks that they claim that they love. They try darn hard to hide it most of the time. They work over time to balance a life outside of their committed relationships. Others, They may lie to each other and fight constantly. Some are very aware of each others dirty work yet never say something about it or work on changing anything. Some just go to church on sunday morning as if they are the idealistic, perfect couple, holier than thou and perfect in every way.


What do you look to gain in a documented marriage, which is a legal contract between two people? Are your vows to treat your significant other with respect only worth its words after you stand in front of a judge or Reverend?  Will a person’s lying, cheating ways stop after they confess to God and in front of family and friends how much they love you??  Is love measured by a size of a ring or by status? Nope, nope and nope.

I personally don’t want a man to marry me just to say they are.  I want them to do ask me only because they love me as I am, they can’t see themselves with anyone else, and only if I truly make them happy.  I never will say yes to anyone I’m doubtful of, or who has previously broken promises of fidelity and respect time and time again by initimately being with other people.  I don’t believe God wants any less for me, and I’ll be no less for that perfect person.

For that reason, I can be non married for the rest of my life and not complain.  I’d rather be in love all my life with a partner than find myself in a unhappy marriage with another.  Marriage, commitment, and love are three totally different things that too many people have confused. You don’t have to be married to stay in love, you don’t necessarily have commitment in your relationship if you are married.  Cheaters are my best examples of that.  They go out and sleep with one woman or man, then go back home to the “Good” one that they swear that they are wholly and happily “committed” to.

All I’m saying is that if your gonna get married, do it for the right reasons.  Do it for love.  Not for children, not for money, not for convienance, not to settle…. do it for love.  Else, what’s “marriage” got to do with it?

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