Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Cover This Weeks Rolling Out
Posted by on Dec 15, 2011

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa cover this weeks Rolling Out Magazine. In their hypnotic interview they talk about their collaboration, new projects, their thoughts on marijuana legalization, and talked openly about how they inspired each other. Check out a few excerpts from the interview and to read the full story click here


You guys don’t hide your love for marijuana. What are your thoughts on the potential legalization of marijuana?
We want it to be legal because it does a lot of good for people. It helps in different medical situations. Drugs such as alcohol and tobacco kill more people annually than marijuana has killed in 20 years. If we can legalize it, tax it, and sell it out of the front door instead of the back door, we could probably eliminate some of the problems that we’re having in America.

There has to be a mutual respect to bring both of the camps together. How are you guys inspired by each other?

Wiz Khalifa: Snoop’s work ethic. He continues to always work. People always talk about rap legends and give them accolades. Snoop is still going and he’s the only artists still going hard. He keeps it like that. No one is making it happen for him or telling him to do that. It’s him doing that and staying consistent.
I’m inspired by Wiz’s spirit. He makes everyone feel as if they are a part of his situation. He has the right mind to lead. He leads with precision. To know that you’re a leader, you have to give them something to follow. He takes his time with what he does. He had my entire house in love with him. My family was excited that we were working together from day one.





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