Fashion Trend: Foil Jeans
Posted by on Oct 12, 2011

Are you guys aware of the latest fashion trend? Well, according to fashion sources, Foil Jeans are all the craze! They appear to be of a metallic sheen, that has foil on them. Vivienne Westwood designed a great pair that was shown at fashion week, from her 2011 Fall collection. They also are selling them online at various fashion sites. You can pair the jeans with a simple blazer, tunic top or sweater paired with cute pumps or booties.

I’m not a fan of the foil jeans but who am I lol. I think I only own about two pair of jeans myself, I’m more of a dress girl. When people see me out in a pair of jeans they always gasp for air and say,”Tami you’re in jeans”!!! I know,#Fail. Do you like the foil jeans trend? xoxo

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