Gwen Stefani To Launch Kids Line for Target
Posted by on Sep 26, 2011

Awh how cute! I just got word that singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani will be launching a full kids line of clothing exclusively for Target! It will be a playful collection inspired by Harajuku Girls from Japan.The line will be for infants,tots and tweens! Its Targets newest collaboration and Gwen’s most extensive children’s and baby collection to date. There will be bright and colorful prints,fun patterns with animal and cute characters. I wish my daughter could be little just one more time, I’m loving it already from just reading this!

There also will be sporty jackets, poofy dresses, onesies, fab headbands, punk rock shoes and backpacks! Its well over 80 pieces in the collection. The price will range from $4 to $30,thats not too bad plus I stay in Target weekly! Its said to hit stores November 13th and I will be there to stalk everything! I want the carry on luggage piece just for me, ha!

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