A Conversation With Actress Sanaa Lathan
Posted by on Sep 10, 2011

I’m a huge fan of Actress Sanaa Lathan. Everyone remembers her from her starring role in Love & Basketball. My favorite movie personally was Something New. Sanaa made a pit stop into Atlanta yesterday to promote her new film, Contagion thats in theaters now. She was fun to chat with, showed me how to work my new blackberry and full of advice for newbies wanting to break into acting. She also talked with me about her bohemian chic style and her must haves when she travels. Here’s my interview with the carmel coated beauty! Enjoy!

The movie Contagion deals with a worldwide virus epidemic. Has the movie made you more cautious about your surroundings? LOL, I am not that girl. I try not to live my life in fear. I do have a friend who will not touch subways and she brings her own pillow cases to hotels.

Turning 40 is wonderful life changing experience. How are you dealing with relationships, marriage, kids? I’m taking it one day at a time. Love is a blessing and kids. I am for love.

Tell me one of your favorite things in your closet? Ooh, I have these one pair of red suede Louboutins that zip up the back. I always pair them with a black dress, they make me feel hott! I wear them a lot lol.

Whats some of your favorite designers and your personal style? Day-to-Day I love Bohemian Chic. I’m a flower child lol. I love Louboutins, Prada,YSL shoes. I wore Rachel Roy to the premiere of Contagion.

Whats your exercise regimen to keep that fab shape? I workout 30 minutes a day on my mini trampoline. I also use this thing called the rebounder. It really works your core,abs and more.

Whats something that you have to take with you when you travel? I have to have my Magic Bullet blender! I love to juice fruits and vegetable and make shakes. I like to blend something green in it like spinach and I like to use coconut water. The Magic Bullet is portable and I can blend things in my hotel room.

How do you feel about social media? I like it. I have a fan page on Facebook and I’m on Twitter@justsanaa. I keep it real and usually just keep it professional. I’d rather be boring than to regret something later. Its public record you know.

How was it working with the Director & Cast and your role as Aubrey Cheever in the movie Contagion? It was great! I was thrilled with the cast. I’ve always admired director Steven Soderbergh since Traffic. We filmed in Chicago and thats where I met Laurence Fishburne. He is a fine actor. I love different elements when acting, I also like to be challenged in my roles and to be a bit scared.

Any advice for newbies that want to act? Take lots of acting classes. People think that they can just jump right into it. Act as much as you can. I encourage you to study.

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