Say What? Rihanna pays her Hairstylist 3 Stacks A Day? Dayum!
Posted by on Aug 10, 2011

I’m about to go reactivate my damn nail license because I see its getting real serious out here lol. Word on the internet is that Rihanna pays her hairstylist $3,2oo a day! Gasp,thats roughly $23,000 a week! I almost passed out when I read that! I literally had to go get my readers and re-read what I saw! Chile what is celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen putting in Ri Ri’s hair? It has to be something spectacular because baby there ain’t no way I would pay Margot, who I love to pieces but don’t speak a bit of English $3,000 a day! I don’t even wear weaves or get my hair colored! Chile somebody help me understand!

No seriously, I know that she probably has to travel with her and maintain those fly hair colors and upkeep so I ain’t mad at Ursula! She’s a top hairstylist to the stars, so get your cheese girl! I worked in the beauty industry for quite awhile and I definitely know how time consuming that can be! Would you pay your hairstylist 3 g’s if you had it? I’m about to email Ursula and ask if I can hold something tee hee!

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