French Vogue Fashion #Fail
Posted by on Aug 4, 2011

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau | Vogue Paris

You know I love me some fashion. I sometimes joke about the models being way too thin but now Vogue Paris has gone overboard! Look at these photos of Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, who is only 10 years old. That’s right, you read it correctly! She’s the hottest thing smoking, modeling for many brands, but some of these pictures are just too suggestive for my liking. I can’t really go in on the pint-size model because my own daughter was part of the whole Toddlers & Tiara world when she was younger and she was in full glitz when we did pageants many years ago.

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau | Vogue Paris

I was still the mom, though, and knew when to draw the line and edit anything my child was doing. Where was Thylane’s parents at the photo shoot? From my understanding, her mom is in the fashion industry and her dad is a soccer star. Although some of the pictures are not that bad, what makes my stomach turn are the ones in the high heels, red lipstick and suggestive poses. I can’t! ‘

Each year the models get younger and younger and thinner and thinner. With our kids being exposed to so much on the Internet, it’s hard for parents to monitor every little thing our kids see. I think if the fashion industry doesn’t take more responsibility for the images they send out, it will make our young girls think it’s OK to look grown and send mixed messages to others.

What are your thoughts?


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    [...] below to a picture – for vogue paris – of a TEN, yes I said TEN, year old girl named Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau. Now society and political correctness dictate that right about now I should be saying that this [...]

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    First off when little girls start playing dress up they do not pose in the sexy fashion that these pics portray and little girls of ten years old are shy to walk around with no tops in the every day world anyway! and yes even if you live in France! i do not understand why Voque went in this direction!Looking at these pictures is scary not appealing why as a society do we do this to women and now little girls?I have much less respect for Vogue. This is truly disgusting.

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    I disagree that this is pedo candy. Pedofiles are not out looking for children who dress like adults, they like the childlook.

    I also disagree with the people who say she looks like she is playing dress up. Maybe you haven’t seen kids play dress up before, they don’t pose in seducive poses for a camera, their makeup is not perfect, and no profesional has come in to dress them do their hair & makeup.

    Their will (sadly) be many people who see nothing wrong with this (Katie Holmes comes to mind. The only way to stop this is to start at home, don’t allow this for your kids and don’t buy stuff that encourages the sexualisation of children. When I see stuff like this I am even more glad to have 3 boys….

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    In a perfect world, these pics might not be so serious a deal, (to a decent person). In the real world, it panders to the bent pleasures of the dark side. That’s what scares people… The pics could only wrongly be interpreted as innocent fun. The shoot was obviously sexualised.

    Does the world really want to sexualise 10 year olds…? Those that do, can’t grasp the rule of cause and effect or they belong to the dark side and just don’t care…

    You can bet the Mom the Photog and the Corp Rats had only the well being of their bank accounts to considered….

    Just let children be children….. They’ll turn into nasty moms money grubbing Corp Rats soon enough……..

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    She is beautiful, stunning actually… she will live out a dream most girls aspire to when we start trying on makeup at 3 or 4 years old. Nothing wrong with it- American Puritan Panic- love it. You are right on!

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    Totally predictable reaction from the morally hysterical American Puritans posting here…you people will bash anything if it’s French. Has anyone bothered to ask the young lady how SHE feels about this whole thing? Maybe she actually thinks it’s fun! Has that occurred to anyone here?

    As for the pictures being appealing to pedophiles, that is possible, but it isn’t Vogue’s problem, or the girl’s parents’ problem, or France’s problem. It’s a problem for the morally panicked societies like America and Britain that are so conflicted about sex in general. To everyone who wants the Vogue editor, photographer, etc. to be charged for child porn…sorry, US law doesn’t apply in foreign countries.

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    The styling, the pose, the makeup, and the clothes are all meant to suggest luxury, availability, seduction, sex,
    etc. On a grown woman, this is a marketing ploy….. to put this on a child is reprehensible. Take her home,
    scrub her face, put her in age-appropriate clothing, and send her out to play with her friends…….

    VOGUE: You should be ashamed…. anything for $$, huh? I will never buy another Vogue magazine. Never.

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    She just looks like a 10 year old playing dress up. What’s the big deal?

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    Pedos will enjoy looking at it but they aren’t “catering” to them. Don’t think many pedos purchase fashion items and accessories.

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    Appalling…and notice how there isn’t a single men’s fashion magazine out there that publishes fashion photos of a 10-year-old boy. And if they did, I’m sure the outcry would be deafening…I doubt, in fact, if the photo spread would have made it to print. (The poor lad! He must be protected – what about all those pedophiles out there who like young boys??) And yet somehow it’s okay to publish ‘fashion’ photos of a 10-year-old girl. This is truly disgusting.

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    This is disgusting and appaulling. She’s actually not that pretty, in my opinion- just dressed like a doll to look like it. It looks stupid to have on stiletto heals that don’t even fit her (doubt she can walk in them!), among many other things. The way they’ve dolled her up, she looks mean, stuck-up and something I’d never want my child to look like. Shame on her parents. I see another Drew Barrymore in the future of this girl (but Drew cleaned up)- this girl’s head will be so big at 20, it will be pathetic. She’ll never know what the real world is like. This makes me furious at her parents and the magazines who allow this.

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    Plainly all of you who say this is ‘pedophilia candy’ think this 10 year old has sex appeal.

    Seems you are the ones who should be ashamed.

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    How is this any different then the parents that take there 4 or 5 year olds out in public with koolaid on their faces with no clothes on and let them run around screaming I agree and man who reads vogue is probably gay.

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    I think everyone is making a big deal out of this! I did modeling when I was younger yes that one picture were she was topless was wrong to put out tere or to even take but There are always 2 sides to every story and if you dont know it then you shouldnt make up guesses. Usually they try to keep you cover up if your under age as much as possible. My oppininion on this whole thing is that it is her, her family, her agent, and the producers problem not our. let them handel it appropriatly and with out all this extra drama. ♥♥♥

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    enfant vogue is fine on the outside,because it looks inocent,But now on the other hand..ARE FREAKING INSANE TO LET A 10 YEAR GO TOPLESS,WHAT “F*%$ ARE GUYS THINKING,,YA MORONS…WHERE THE F=CK IS THE MOTHER,STUPID C-WORD..

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    I agree with Nicolas K. and Mariette. Vote with your wallets!

    Tweet: BOYCOTT VOGUE and their sister sites until they stop EXPLOITATING CHILDREN!!!

    W, WWD, Style, Glamour, Allure, Self, Nutrition Data, Teen Vogue, GQ, Details, Architectural Digest
    Brides, Lucky, FN, Golf Digest, Golf World, Vanity Fair, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, Condé Nast Traveler
    Concierge, Jaunted, Hotel Chatter,Vegas Chatter, Wired, Reddit, Ars Technica, Parade, The New Yorker

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

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    Catering to pedophiles, what a sick, bunch of low-lifes who should be in jail for exploitation of children. We have too many sex slaves in the world and this is a legalized version of a hidden crime in plain sight.

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    “Me thinks” there are a whole lotta bullshitters trying to cover their own a**es. Reminds me of all the people I know who “swear” they gave up pot long ago!! Anytime anybody rants on something like this you can be sure they are the very skumm they are pretending to hate. Besides, I mean, it’s France! Daddy’s probably been tagging that for awhile! You have a better chance of finding a white man in a Kardashian bedroom than you’ll have finding a 12 year old French virgin.

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    I will be surprised if this poor girl doesn’t grow up with physiological and psychological problems. The modeling world takes a toll on anyone’s self worth, let alone a 10 year old. It’s already told her that she’s not beautiful unless she’s wearing fancy clothes and makeup.

    If the pedophiles weren’t buying Vogue, they are now.

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    I think this is Bulls_i_ that is a 10 year old BABY, They need to let her be a ten year old for at least 5 more years if u can understand that, they are robbing her childhood and eploiting children, I havent read much of the situation but its gotta be morons for parents.

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    Vote with your wallets. Don’t ever, *ever* buy Vogue or any other “fashion” magazine that engages in these practices.
    I hope there are charges laid for sexual exploitation of a minor.

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    No more Vogue magazines for me and I am sharing this on Facebook.

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    She may as well be offered up to a Pedophile. She is a beautiful child and this is sickening to my stomach. I feel embarrassed for Vogue and her parents that would allow this travesty. I feel sorry for this child. No one loves her that will her to be prostituted this way. She looks like a little high class streetwalker. This is sooo sad.

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    They (the parents) might as well had their child put up in a porn site..suits better than a fashion magazine..then they would also make more money out of these three (out of six) sick pictures!

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    get over your selves, it’s fashion… what are you gonna do? if her parents are soccer stars and big in the fashion thing then she be exposed to it already. Yes, it is rather revealing for a ten year old, but it’s defiantly not the worst thing we’ve seen. let’s be real. If it offends you, don’t search stuff up that you know you won’t like to see. Yes, maybe having a ten year old doing the whole hair off the nude chest is not just pushing it, it to far, but the other stuff is just dress up.

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    Repulsing. Vogue … this will stick in my mind for years and result in my not going near your magazine.

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    Frankly the only picture I see an issue with is the indian styled one. I can walk through my grocery store and see little girls, younger than this, in teeny tiny shorts and tank tops that may as well not be there for the lack of fabric. This little girl is covered for the most part. Here in america children are learning about sex at a much younger age and talking and doing more vulgar things. I really do not think this is sick, she’s not in a Maxim, or playboy, or any other girlie mag, she’s in a vogue, a fashion mag for women. You can say what you want about me, I don’t really care I’m just a nameless person amoung millions just as you are so nothing you can say can hurt me. That’s my opinion, I have a right to it, take it or leave it.

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    What is really sad about this, is where are her parents and why would they subject this child to a world like this? They should be held responsible..

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    If anyone else took pictures like these, they would be arrested for child pornography along with several other charges. So, where are the police? The magazine and her parents should be arrested for this garbage.

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    Are you guys retarded? Kiddie Porn for pedophilias? This is freaking VOGUE not GQ, what straight man on earth would freaking buy a Vogue in the first place? Obviously given the demographics of the readers of Vogue, this obviously wasn’t a shot to exploit a 10 year old in a sexualized manner for adult men to drool over. If you can name a few straight older perverted men who read Vogue for a guilty pleasure, i’ll call your bluff and call him GAY.

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    disquisting……what an example for little girls, appalling :( sad

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    Unfortunately all involved in the planning and making of this photo spread have no conscience, had they one to begin with it would have never been made. The lack of good judgement indicates the poor character within each of these folks. It is unimagineable as to what they thought publishing these photos would accomplish. Really, when has negative attention ever been good? I have much less respect for Vogue and agree with Mariette and will ban Vogue.

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    This is weird and gross and I am amazed that it has made it to a “mainstream” fashion. I can’t tell you how sick inside it makes me feel. Parents of this child, where are your priorities???? Shame on you.

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    she’s a good model though.. she takes pictures well.. it’s just sad that they had her do this at a very young age.

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    As a model photographer, I would have to agree that this is way overboard and outright digusting….. It turns my stomach, I just want 5 minutes in a dark alley with her parents so i can smack the shit out of them,,,,,, This is boardeline child pornography.. its feeding to the sickness of pedophillia…. I’m urgently pushing for an agenda to have this editor replaced with someone who is human…… WTF are you thinking of Vogue???

    I thought French people had issues but this is not an issue,,, its outright disgusting…

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    Interesting that recently 72 people were charged for their involvement in child pornography 52 people have been arrested and 20 are still at large….hmm maybe those people work for Vogue. The pedophiles are loving this porn promotion by Vogue.

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    What the hecks it’s going on in the media world? What was the editor of this magazine thinking? Where the heck are the parents of this little innocent girl? What a shame. For the little girl her innocence was trashed
    Disgusting……… sad very sad.

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    This is probably going to sell out due to the pediphiles, it’s sickening, it makes woman feel inadequate and children feel that they should row up faster, it’s just unnatural.

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    why do this photoshoot?! being a child is great, including wearing all the tutus you want! childrens clothing is appropriate for this child and children’s clothing is precious to the little ruffled socks and mary jane shoes!

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    I have to agree with everyone on how disgusting this really is. Its gross to think some grown man out there has these pinned up on his wall. SICK SICK is all I can say.

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    This picture of this 10 yr old child is sick, a real pedophilia’s dream, makes your stomach turn…..Vogue should be reported to the police for child porn pictures and all should boycott this magazine and never buy from them and encourage others to do the same, use your FB to denounce these sickos…..

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    This is not very nice at all. Aside from the sexualization and exploitation of children, I sense that it is also being deployed to make adult women feel inadequate because they have larger bodies, more age, less innocence, a greater awareness of the consequences of their actions and a sense of their own identity as autonomous and individual beings. I think it invokes a kind of shame and guilt to look at these images and to carry around or purchase a copy of the magazine which damages peoples’ psyches making them have to “act out” this
    transient and inexplicable feeling of self-loathing. And, it makes the ultra rich feel superior because they can shake it off saying that feelings of unease around child sexuality are sentiments only felt by the lower classes who are basically only farm animals after all, and confused.

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    Except for the last picture, the picture are inappropriate for a child of her age.

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    I used to play dress-up when I was a kid. Even liked to have my picture taken all dolled up BUT this commercial exploitation with a young girl supposedly looking like an adult with sexuality written all over it is indeed disgusting!!! Keep the kids dressed and looking like kids! Too bad for this poor child, she is absolutely beautiful, but she has been robbed of her innocence and youth and will NEVER recover!!!

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    This makes me so sad.

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    What a disgusting thing to do with a child! the parents are unfit to have children and should be jailed, the children put in childcare, the publication closed forever and it’s owners, editors and photograhers jailed.
    If this photo is on someone’s computer can they be charged with childporn? This website is complicit in promoting and showing this child pornography and at least should blackout the poor children’s faces. To be shown as looking like a horny whore is not something a ten year old should be made to do… it’s just simply too much!

    These pix are only the beginning to what big media corporations have in store for the future – especially after the sales jump now as thousands of pedophiles – who can’t believe their luck – rush out to buy this trashy magazine.

    Does NOBODY care? or is it REALLY what everyone wants nowadays?

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    Pedophilia candy. Absolutely sickening…..Her mother should be absolutely ashamed of herself and totally needs her ass kicked.

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    Disgusting. I bet the pedophiles love this.
    Let children be children, they grow up too fast as it is.

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