Thick Girls Get New Reality Show, “Big Sexy”
Posted by on Jul 27, 2011

TLC has announced that they will be premiering a new reality show about plus-size fashionistas! It’s a three-part series focusing on five plus-size models with dreams of making it big in New York City. Leslie, Audrey, Nikki, Tiffany and Heather take us on a wild journey to see the ups and downs of what Americans perceive to be beautiful and sexy. We will see them designing clothes, balancing their careers and family lives, trying to book modeling gigs and showing the world that bigger girls can break the mold of the cultural norm. The divas prove that size does not matter but talent does. With their confident personalities and their will to NEVER give up, they take the Big Apple by storm! We need more ladies like this. The three-part series, “Big Sexy,” airs on Tuesday, August 30, 2011, at 10 p.m. on TLC.

Will you be tuning in?




















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    Being the beautiful plus-size diva, that I am. I will be tuning in to these beautiful plus-size diva as well!!..I wish them much success with the show!

    Peace & Love

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    I will most def watch this show!! I am a statuesque women 6ft size 14- It will be great to see us represented in a strong and positive way. I have a song called “Chocolate Thick Smart”- it’s dedicated to all of the Sweet, Beautiful and Intelligent Women of the World! I think it would be great for this show;) What say ye? You can check it out at Yes- a shameless plug. lol

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    I sure will. I am very excited for these ladies. Some of them I know and I’ve worked with others I don’t…but I know their story. I’m excited that this has finally come to pass…hope it keeps going!

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    I’m not a plus-size lady but I’ll definitely be tuning in.
    I bet women of all sizes will tune in; it’s time for plus-size models to have a show about them. I’m sick of seeing THE ONE plus-size model on ANTM and plus that show has gotten old.

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