Confirmed! The Mo’Nique Show Canceled on BET
Posted by on Jul 27, 2011

Word around the blogosphere this morning was that Mo’Nique’s talk show has been canceled. It’s taped here in Atlanta, Ga., and I have been to two tapings since it started. I enjoyed it while there. From reading comments on blogs and Facebook today, some were glad the show was cancelled, while others were saddened and in shock.

According to a local newspaper, it was confirmed by Mo’Nique’s sidekick, comedian Rodney Perry, that the show has been cancelled. It would have been going into its third season on BET.

Rumors are that Mo’Nique and the execs couldn’t come to a mutual agreement. Who knows for sure, but I know I couldn’t stay up that late to watch. Reports also said the show had poor ratings. I wish Mo’Nique well. She now will be able to spend more time on her new movie, Bumped, and she will be just fine. Good Luck, Mo!

Are you glad or sad about the show being canceled?














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    Thank you Monique for acknowledging the Black actress and actors that we forget to soon.

    God bless.

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    I hate to see another black woman out of work. VDM-mo’nique had a radio show in the tri-state NY area in 2008 and it was cancelled. It would be interesting to see what she’ll do for money now.

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    Oh good lord!!! @ all these comments, lol. *smh*

    Well, I’m disappointed the show was cancelled. It came on a little too late for me to stay up and watch on a regular basis, but if the guest was someone who interested me than I would Tivo it.

    Personally, I like her bubbly, enthusiastic, and very positive nature. The yelling out “Yesss baby” and all that was funny to me – reminded me of aunties and women I grew up around (in the south). Nothing wrong with that.

    I wish her the best as well. Go Mo!

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    As a kid I use to watch The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson. It was impossible to watch Mo’Nique’s show while trying to unwide/fall asleep. The show was too loud. She did have the best guests though. I questioned why they were not airing the reruns this Summer, now we know why. Good Luck to Mo’Nique, as someone mentioned, she should do something more in the form of a “Fraiser” sort of way.

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    Her show started out okay but I agree with others the Baby’s , YESSSSS and all that got kind of old after a while. Rodney was never funny and I would cringe everytime he would try to jump in with a joke and the audience would barely muster a laugh.
    The only thing I was starting to like was that she was doing alot of interviews with singers and stuff from back in the day, so it was nice to see some people I had wondered about like Stacy Latissaw.

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    I’m not sorry the show was cancelled. At first it was okay some of the guest were intresting but then became very lame. I’m just say it…Mo got the big head after she won the oscar and that showed on the show. I mean she wasn’t the first blk woman to win nor was she the only person in the movie that did a good job. She’ll be be okay and will find something else to do..I mean she has twin boys and I’m sure they need her also. And maybe Rodney can go to comedy school or something and get some funny jokes..the show just lost it’s appeal and the the ablility to be entertaning. BET needs to get programming that is up to date and has something to say. Repeating the same movies over and over again makes it an afterthought when I’m channel surfing..if I see the Wash or Baby Boy again on there..I will throw my shoe at the TV…c’mon Debra…get it together! Like soon and why are they firing Terrence J and not Rosci..he has more appeal than she does.

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    Yes here we go… If Monique would have used her intelligence and scooped up a white audience she would not have had to argue about money and ratings, probably would have been at a place where she never would have worried. Black’s always believe things have to be done their way and for them and will not stand behind each other at all. Well everyone “black” got angry at Oprah but she got rich, top ratings in syndication etc; plus got what she wanted and more. Monique used her opportunity and sistah I’m glad you did! No, I don’t like that your show will be cancelled and things couldn’t be worked out but it was your skills that got you there I remember; I know you’ll continue to move up…

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    she tried, but she failed. i felt like i was watching barney sometimes with her always saying to hugg your self at the end of every show….ugg. i mean i understand she is trying to be different and there is no problem with that because thats what made the Tyra Banks show soo popular, regardless it was just too much and there was nothing about the show to graps on to, just constant yelling of “baby, suga, yeahhhhhhh” Sorry MoMo but its best you move on from this, unto bigger and better things, love you always.

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    The show was a hot mess!!!! Listening to her yes baby got on my nerves so bad, I could not stand to watch. Her confidence went clear to the sky..once she lost the weight through surgery which we all know. I thought she was never going to leave the big girls..sorry big girls she’s gone without ever even mentioning you again. LORD help her sidekick Rodney, is he a joke or what? His jokes are not funny and he is no way a talk show host no more than the host herself. Am I sorry she got cancelled…hell to the no.

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    It is a shame!

    Not that the show was cancelled. But that a woman of her intelligence can’t figure out that she is better than this. If you listen to her speak you can tell she is educated and intelligent. If you watch her carry herself you can tell she is elegant and can be very sexy.

    I remember when she was on TV in that show where she played a single mom of a teenage daughter. I was quite comfortable allowing my daughter (who was 12 at the time) watch this show because it was positive and amusing. She wasn’t ghetto or over bearing. In fact I remeber an episode ot two where she was teaching her daughter the exact opposite.

    However, since the movie “Domino” (The movie with the “blackinese” and “japanic” rant) she has really allowed herself to “bend over” for the stereotypical expectations of the media towards “curvy” black women.

    Unfortunately, as with all things in life, if you play the role long enough there is a good chance it will rub off on you. Well at this point I would say all that bending over for the media and being “ghetto fab” has lead her exactly where society expected her to land…. “fired” and “jobless”…..

    Please Monique…. find that strong, INTELLIGENT, ELEGANT, SEXY woman you started out to be years ago. Don’t let the media force you down the same path most of our black stars unfortunately stumble down.

    And PLEASE DEAR LORD don’t become the female Steve Harvey or Michael Baisden…… Both highly intelligent but….. I could certainly live happily without every hearing another piece of advice from either.

    In closing…. Good luck….. Best Wishes….

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    I am glad its cancelled: For one, Mo was too hypocritical : On one night , shes prasing rappers, the next ( depending on her guest) she was against them, on one night she defending preachers and the next night shes attacking them: The show was degrading to african americans………..about time BET got some balls and did something right: Who the hell was Rodney? a comedian? a walking trainwreck, is what he was, with the lunch room jokes……..was the audience paid to laugh at his material? i beleive soo…..

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    I’ll miss watching that trainwreck. The awful, heavy- handed lectures and preachiness of Monique, the comedic sidekick who was anything but funny, and guests that even the most die-hard Tyler Perry fan have never heard of will be missed about as much as Amos and Andy.

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    Glad it’s off air, it got worse and worse and worse, perhaps the location was wrong? it wasn’t a place celeb’s wanted to go, should have went to NY, LA or even New Orleans which is the new Hollywood South..
    The show was like watching a black Ricky Lake show and it began to go down the drain soon after the new late hours.. BET is “NOT!” a late night show network and never will be just like TNT will never be even though their attempt of using Conan as a Beta test worked initially but is quickly fading.

    I Wish Monique well i know she’ll bounce back just hope she stay away from doing talk shows.. and if your going to do a talk show do it in a location people actually want to go to.. No one likes ATL.

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    Oh well…she’s talented, but I didn’t care for the show. I get tired of her being so loud all the time. However, that’s what makes her popular. I think she should get a nationwide radio morning show….like Steve Harvey.

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    Glad!!!!!!If I heard another “yessssss baby” from her, I would have committed suicide!!!

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    It’s heartbreaking I was just getting into the show. Well I wish her luck on future endeavors.

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