SNAPSHOT: Kelly Rowland Getting her Workout In!
Posted by on Aug 30, 2014



Kelly Rowland isn’t letting her baby bump get int he way of a good workout.

This week, celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins posted a photo (see above) of Rowland doing a low intensity workout. Rowland is no stranger to working out. In 2011, the singer and Jenkins released their very own workout DVD -The Hollywood Trainer – Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland.

Jenkins captioned the photo: “Beautiful Mama @kellyrowland working on her fitness today! ❤️If you plan on getting pregnant then it is best to start working out before you get pregnant & then continue at a lower intensity through your pregnancy! ❤️Research shows that a fit healthy mom that exercises before & during her pregnancy will have an easier labor, a healthier baby & get her post baby body back faster. ❤️Always consult with your doctor before you start an exercise regimen as each woman’s journey through pregnancy is unique & individual.”

Jenkins even offered up 5 Pre-Natal Butt & Leg Exercises for those interested in trying to stay fit.

They are:

1) Squat 15-25 reps with a Kegel at the top

2) Stationary Lunge 10-15 reps (hold onto chair if needed for balance)

3) Plié Squat 15-25 reps with a Kegel at the top

4) Standing Outer Thigh Leg Lift (abduction) 15-25 reps

5) Back Kicks on all Fours 15-25reps Finish with 5-6 Cat Cow Stretches on all fours!

❤️Repeat 2-3x

Rowland is expecting her first child with husband-manager Tim Witherspoon.

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