Alison Sweeney Covers ‘Women’s Day Magazine’
Posted by on May 10, 2014



Alison Sweeney covers the June issue of Women’s Day

The veteran actress dishes with the publication  about her exercise techniques,  being an active mom and how The Biggest Loser inspires her.

On being inspired by contestants on The Biggest Loser:
“I realized that getting in shape was about so much more than fitting into a certain size. [I changed my thinking from] ‘I wish I were thin’ to ‘I want to be healthy.’ At that point, things just fell into place. I wanted to cook healthy meals and I was excited to be able to go for a 30-minute walk or jog.”

On why walking is her method of exercise:
“I love to walk because it gives me a chance to be outdoors and to explore the world around me. Walking is a form of meditation for me – I’m able to take deep breaths and enjoy the moment. Exercise was key to me while I was writing my second novel. I’d step away from the keyboard and go for a walk to work through ideas and think about plot twists in new ways.”

On playing with her daughter:
“I could feel my core working and it hit me that this is why I work out: so I can be an active participant in my life.”


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