Lorde Responds to “Royals” Racism Claims
Posted by on Jan 4, 2014



The song “Royals” was one of the biggest hits of 2013 and it put singer Lorde on the map.

Unfortunately,  the singer’s references to ‘gold teeth, Cristal and Maybachs’  in the song has led some to believe that the lyrics of the song are racist.

The 17-year-old songstress recently chatted with Fashion Maven Tavi on her website, Rookiemag.

During the interview, titled, “Super Heroine: An Interview With Lorde,” the singer dishes on clothes, hair, songwriting other artists in the industry and much more.

Lorde even responds to the current controversy surrounding the song, “Royals.”

Here’s what Lorde had to say about the lyrics of”Royals” being racist:

“I mean, it’s one thing for kids who fight in the comments section of YouTube and who use ‘gay’ as an insult to take offense at what you’re doing; but when it’s highly intelligent writers, all of whom you respect, you start to question what you’re doing and if you have done something wrong. I have grown up in a time when rap music is pop music, and I do think people were maybe a little bit selective about the parts of that song they used to make those arguments, because a lot of it is examples of rock excess, or just standard pop culture ‘rich kids of Instagram’-type excess. But I’m glad that people are having discussions about it and informing me about it. Also, I wrote that song a few months into being 15, and now I’m a 17-year-old looking back on that, and I didn’t know then what I know now, so I kind of am not too hard on myself.”

For Lorde’s complete interview, check it out here.

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