YouTube Guru Gab – Q&A with Ateya Richard
Posted by on Sep 6, 2013


What are your favorite go-to beauty products?

“I really don’t have favorites ‘because I don’t wear makeup all the time. I’m more about skin care; the MAC Lightful Collection. I wear only gloss every day.”


What is one product (beauty or otherwise) you have to keep with you at all times?

“MAC Fulfilled. Keeps my lips shining and plump!”

Are there any fellow beauty YouTubers who inspire you?

“Yes. Too many to name. I don’t want to leave anyone out. The ones that talk to me once a year or more know who they are, but I feel we all inspire one another. We learn from one another and that’s why I’m still on YouTube. When it’s time to move on from it, I will, but whatever my next step after YouTube is, my job will still be to inspire.”


What’s next for Ateya?

“Stay tuned, I hope to be on the big screen next”



Connect with Ateya:

Email: Ateya380[@]hotmail[dot]com
Twitter: @Ateyaaa
Instagram: AteyaRich
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