YouTube Guru Gab – Q&A with Ateya Richard
Posted by on Sep 6, 2013

You’ve been able to take your YouTube success and have formed business relationships with some top-notch companies. What keeps you grounded with all the success that has come your way?

“Prayer. I thank Him every day for it all. Jesus is amazing! Without Him I am nothing. I ask Him every day to keep me focused and grounded in all that I do.”


With success, comes criticism from the public. How do you deal with the disparagement that you sometimes endure from subscribers and random YT onlookers?

“Family Prayer. I told my whole family when that happened. ‘Cause I didn’t want none of my family or great friends to start talking back to them in a crazy manner. I just told them to ignore that just as I am and instantly we all just started praying. I’m tough, but I questioned God on that. After my answer came back, all I said to Him was THANK YOU! It has made me so much stronger.”


What do you do during your leisure time?

“I’m a family person. We are huge, so I love our family cookouts, etc. If you look on my Instagram Page, I love Houston and I love to eat. So, I love checking out new restaurants. Food and Family!”

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