YouTube Guru Gab – Q&A with Ateya Richard
Posted by on Sep 6, 2013




With over 95,000 subscribers and more than 500 videos, Ateya Richard has made an everlasting mark on the YouTube beauty community. Her channel, titled “Smuve Complexions,” focuses on hair care, regimens, reviews, tip & tricks and even some down-home cooking video tutorials. Richard’s YouTube success even caught the eye of hair care line Motions™ and hair product line Janet Collection.

During her Q&A session with VIBE Vixen, Ateya discusses why she started making YouTube videos, how she deals with negative criticism, what keeps her grounded and much more.


VIBE Vixen: You have been making YouTube videos since 2008. What inspired you to start creating content for that platform?

Ateya Rich: “I wanted to inspire. I was inspired by other women on YouTube, so I wanted to do the same.”

Your ‘Hair Regimen’ videos appear to be the most popular vlogs on your channel. How long do you test-out a product or technique before you determine it’s just not working for you?

“Well Aphogee was not a test run, <she laughs>. Back then I had to start over. So my beautician cut it [my hair] all off and we started using Aphogee and it just worked for me. And I shared that with everyone and it just took off…really fast.”


Have you always had a hair regimen? (If not, then why did you decide to begin a regimen?)

“No. After my beautician cut off my hair, that’s when I heard of a regimen. He was like do this and do that, and I was like…what???? Then I just started to do what all the other ladies were doing — watching hair videos; which back then it was not a lot, so I started to just do it myself.”


What are your three tips for other women, who want to maintain healthy hair?

“I would say do what works for you. Everyone’s hair and hair type is different. For me, my regimen changes often because I apply sew-ins often. And my hair cannot be the same for a person that wears their own hair every day. So I would stick to do what works for you.”

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