Curvy Mannequins hit H&M in Sweden
Posted by on Mar 16, 2013




An H&M in Sweden is making strides in recognizing that women come in all different sizes.

The store is currently displaying two curvaceous mannequins, and so far the feedback from the public has been extremely positive since the photo of the mannequins surfaced on the web.

H&M decided to go all out for the display. Instead of having the mannequins covered up, the store opted to showcase their curves in scantly-clad lingerie. The mannequins, are different sizes from one another, but they both appear to have wider hips, and thicker thighs.

A huge percentage of well-known retailers currently carry plus size clothing, so it’s shocking that it has taken this long for a curvy mannequin to be showcased. Even if retailers don’t want to integrate a curvy mannequin throughout their store, they can always have a few voluptuous  mannequins designated for their ‘Plus Size’ section.

Image via NaturallyMoi

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