Will Ferrell Pretends to be Security at Lakers Game & Escorts Shaquille O’Neal Out of Arena [Video]
Posted by on Feb 16, 2013


Shaquille O’Neal found himself in a SNL-like ski at the Lakers vs. Suns game a few nights ago.

If you’ve ever been to a basketball game at the Staples Center, then you’re more than familiar with those red coat security men that patrol the court.

Comedian Will Ferrell decided to try his hand at the ‘red coat’ gig, complete with the security guards’ signature stern soldier-like face.

After a few minutes of checking out the crowd, Ferrell approaches someone in the crowd and asks them to come with him. As the camera pans to the person, it turns out to be O’Neal. Keeping up with the skit, O’Neal gets up, puts his hands behind his back (like he’s being arrested) and leaves the Staples Center with Ferrell.


Check out the short, but funny video of the pair below.

Credit – YoutTube/FunkyAxel111

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