Voice Actor Raps Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” in ‘Family Guy’ Voices
Posted by on Dec 1, 2012

Paul Vlahos, has taken voice acting to a new level.

The actor put a very interesting spin on Chris Brown‘s song “Look At Me Now.” Instead of doing a remix or rapping it himself, Vlahos decided to re-invent the song by doing the verses in the voices of various Family Guy characters.

Vlahos begins the song as “Peter Griffin” and ends it with Quahog’s resident pervert “Herbert.” The most “sickening”part of the video is when he goes into a fast-paced freestyle in his “Cleveland Brown” voice.

The mere fact that Vlahos is able to do all of these voices, which are normally voiced by  a series of people, just goes to show just how talented he is. Hopefully Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane sees this video and gets him on his payroll.

Check out the video of Vlahos in action, below.

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